Sunday, February 12, 2017

I think I need a sunrise...

 I don't know about you guys, but every once in a while I find myself needing a little time off... And when I mean time off, I actually mean time off. Like, no cellular service, no wifi kinda time off.

And this summer, I really needed it! So along with my family and some friends, we rented a small house deep in the French Alpes, and spent one week, doing nothing but reading, cooking delicious food, and of course, hiking!

We would get up at 5 in the morning, just to be able to see animals in the mountain! I actually didn't catch any with my camera, but we saw plentyyyy and the whole point of this week as well, was not being too stressed about having to shot everything with my reflex ;)

Still I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of the magnificient views that we had from up here in the mountains!

(^^ right here you can admire my family's fashion skill with my brother and mother! I wasn't dressed any better!)

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Your special wedding dress

Whether you ever plan on getting married or not, you have to admit that there is something absolutely magical about wedding dresses. I always felt like choosing a wedding dress was much like picking a magic wand in Harry Potter: you don’t choose the dress, the dress chooses you… 

In other term, I really do think that there is something, a feeling, that happens the second you see the dress you’re going to be wearing on your big day. I mean, that’s just how I see it, I’ve never been married, and it’s not on the calendar at all, but that’s just the way I see it. 

You have to find something you’re gonna feel comfortable and confident in; something that’ll make you feel the most ‘you’, and something that will make you look as radiant as you’ve ever been, as you’ll want to look back on this day as the happiest one you’ve ever had! 

I was so happy and excited when Aislestyle contacted me about a collaboration, and literally spent hours on their website searching for wedding dresses that I think would make me feel that way.
I picked a few of them, some of my favorites, even though it was just so hard to choose. 

The first one reflects the little princess in me. The little girl, the one that likes fairytale and believes in Prince Charming. 

The second one is much more the classical French girl that I sometimes am. The sophisticated working girl, the one that doesn’t want a conventional wedding dress. 

The third one is the confident part of me, the ‘me’ that’s okay with her body and wants to highlight it.
And the fourth one is the wild part of me, the girl that’d get married in the middle of a beautiful forest.

What I love about this website as well is that there is definitely something for everyone! If you like lace dresses, you can find the Lace Wedding Dresses and check them all out easily just by clicking the link. If you’d rather find a shorter/mini dress, you can find them on their Short Wedding Dresses page.
And the one thing that definitely convinced me that this was the best website ever to shop your wedding dress, is that they have a whole page of Cheap Wedding Dresses that are just as beautiful as more expensive ones!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Turning 20 : What I've learned so far

  • It’s okay to need a glass of wine sometimes

 I say wine here, but it can be whatever makes you feel a little better, or makes you feel like you’re treating yourself. That’s something I’ve learned quite recently, actually, there’s only so much time you can be strong for before you need to take a break from being strong… What it means, really, is that you have to go easy on yourself, be indulgent, recognize when you’ve been strong, when you’ve done a lot already, and when it’s time to just breathe, and be gentle with yourself. That’s really important to me, because I don’t think you can keep on being strong if you don’t indulge and admit that you need a little something to refuel your strength.

  • The love you give always come back to you

 That’s probably the most amazing thing I’ve learnt so far. I’m definitely not saying that you should give love and then expect something from it, what I mean, is that the love your give, to a brother, a friend, a stranger, ALWAYS ends up coming back your way, whether it’s a minute later, a week later, or year later. I’ve been aware of that for quite a while, but I only recently managed to put words on it… So give love, reach out to people who need help, even if you’re needing help yourself and that this person can’t do anything about it, just reach out, and then one day, you’ll be in a bad position, and you’ll see someone you’ve helped a while ago come back your way, and offer you a helping hand.

  • You have to be selfish sometimes

 I learned that the hard way, and I think mostly because that’s something that I didn’t want to admit. I hate being selfish, I hate selfish people, and if I truly listened to myself, I would probably give my whole life away to make others happy… But it just doesn’t work that way. You can’t make people happy if you’re not taking care of yourself, and taking care of yourself sometime has to mean being selfish. And when you find yourself in this situation when someone you know and love needs help, and when you know that getting involved in this situation is going to destroy you in a way, then don’t. Choose yourself, choose to take care of yourself, choose to stay away from the things that destroy you, even when that means that you won’t be able to help a friend. 

  • The worst thing that ever happened to you is only so because nothing worse ever happened

 I know that it sounds wrong, but please let me explain. I am not saying that you shouldn’t be sad about the worst thing that ever happened to you, I’m just saying that as sad as it makes you feel, and as terrible as it is, there are still some things you are lucky about! I’ll give you an example here: when I was 9, my parents sat us (my brother & I) down for dinner one night and announced something that changed our lives forever, in an instant. 11 years later, I still consider this as the worst thing that ever happened to me, and my brother does too.  It’s come back full force a couple months ago, and it left me completely shattered, and all I could do was cry and wonder how I was ever going to get out of it, and be happy again. And then I got a call from my brother, and we talked and talked, and there was one sentence he said that really struck me, and completely changed the way I looked at it. He said: “You know, Lucie, the only reason this is the biggest trauma of our lives is because nothing more terrible ever happened to us. We still have all of our grandparents, we’ve never lost a really close relative… We have amazing lives, so yes, this came and completely destroyed our calm and easy lives, but we should feel lucky that this affected us that much, because it wouldn’t have if we had have more terrible things to cry about instead.” 

  • Forgive yourself, and be honest with yourself

 I actually learnt that while fighting an eating disorder. The first few months were hell, because of course I couldn’t just do it overnight, and each time I would fail, I felt like a total failure. I think being honest with yourself and forgiving yourself just go together really… Because you can’t forgive yourself if you’re not being honest with yourself… It’s okay to mess up, make mistakes, a lot of them… All of this is perfectly fine, it’s part of growing up, it’s part of being a human being! But there’s no way in hell you can move forward if you’re still beating yourself up over past mistakes. It you regret doing something, it already means that you’ve thought about what you’ve done, and that you’ve taken a lesson from it. All that’s left to do is forgive yourself and be a better person!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Eve

 And that’s a wrap on the Christmas fever! The gifts have been exchanged, food has been eaten and Christmas songs are not in season anymore (as if that was going to stop the Christmas enthusiast that I am)! 

My family and I like to keep it pretty lowkey when it comes to Christmas Eve, and especially this year, which has been transitional for a lot of us, we really just wanted to be together and didn’t really bother with anything else. 

Here are a few pictures of the night we’ve had, with my dad, grandparents, uncle… And at the end, you can have a glimpse of the Christmas log my dad had made… I could share the recipe, but it took him several days so I’m not sure anyone would be motivated to spend that much time in the kitchen… It was totally worth it, though, as it was the most delicious Christmas log I’d ever eaten! 

Merry Christmas, everyone, I really hope you had an amazing evening with your loved ones, and that you’ve enjoyed Christmas as much as I have!