A week in paradise...

By Unknown - August 31, 2015

For the first time in my life, I didn't have anything planned for this summer... Ever since I was a kid, my family and I always had those three August weeks planned six months in advance where we would just go away from home and forget about our Parisian life for a second. This year I didn't plan anything at all, and as sad as this sounds, it actually allowed me to do new things, which is something I have been seeking lately!

I spent a lot of time with my friends, or cooking, and just generally took some time for myself, and did things I love but don't indulge in that often...

I also happen to have a big brother who found love in the south of France, and left home to live with his girlfriend a couple years back. So in the middle of July, I suddenly felt overwhelmed by the city and realized that I needed a bit of fresh air, and quality time with the people I love.

I called my best friend and asked her if she was doing anything... Long story short, two days later, we were in a train, in the middle of the night, heading toward less buzzing places.

The thing about France is that people really don't live the same way depending on where they live. We Parisians go out for coffee when we want to meet up with a friend, people in the south get together on the beach; we go shopping when we have a free afternoon, they get on a boat... And as much as I LOVE my Parisian life, it's good to get away from it from time to time, and just learn to live differently.

And so we did. We spent two days on a boat, jumping into the water each time we got too warm in the sun; we explored cities with a camera in hand; we ate sushi as an afternoon snack; visited three different bars in one night; drank tea and smoked cigarettes by the window while other people in the building made their bed creak...

That's a lot of sentences just to say that I had an amazing time with one of the girls I love the most on the planet, my brother, his lovely girlfriend and her incredibly welcoming family... And I feel so grateful for everything that I got to experience this summer.

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