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By Unknown - September 27, 2015

As I started brainstorming what I wanted my next blog post to be about, I realized that there was nothing I loved more than to write about things I enjoy (seems logical). I also noticed that there was a few things that I had been absolutely obsessed with this past month and I thought, why not write about that? So here are the five things that I have been swearing by during September! 

 1. Shameless US 

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One of the things I have been completely obsessed with this month is the TV show Shameless (US version). My cousin came for a week at my house at the beginning of the month and as we were eating in front of the TV one night, she told me about this weird and kind of crazy thing she had been watching lately. I immediately searched it up and played the first episode, only to fall in love with it.
I used to be a serious binger when it came to TV series a few years back from now, but loving a show that much hadn’t happened to me in a long while. I literally watched 4 episodes a day until I had seen everything and then watched them again in case I had missed important details.
You basically follow a rather poor family in Chicago, and kind of see how they manage to survive, AND be happy even though the odds seem to be against them. It’s one of these shows where you instantly get attached to the characters and you just want to get to know them better and just be friends with them… Or not.
I just love how “free” this show seems to be. It isn’t all pink cakes and yellow flowers; none of the characters are perfect (inside and out) and the plot is just super realistic which I think is a really nice change.
If you’re into getting a bit deeper into things (like me), then I really think you’ll like the it as well… It personally really made me think about the value of things and about what I had and how lucky I was to have that, and how enough it was to be happy, really…
So yeah, five stars for this one.

2. Clarins Lipstick

 Okay, so another product that I’ve been LOVING this month is this Clarins Lipstick, it’s a Jolie Rouge in the shade 732 Grenadine and I just love everything about it…
First of all the shade is just amazing, I feel like it is a great alternative for people who find red lipsticks kind of hard to wear (like me)… It does have a red undertone to it but it’s more subtle than a plain old red lipstick.
The creamy consistence makes it just so nice to wear and I love that it doesn’t leave your lips dry afterwards, because that’s something I’m usually struggling with. It stays on for quite a while but not to the point where you don’t actually know how to take it off anymore, it just kind of fades away evenly throughout the day and you can just reapply some every now and then if you feel like it.
Massive bonus point of this product : it actually does smell (and tastes) like grenadine… 


3. BareMinerals Concealer

I have wanted to try this Bare Minerals concealer even since I saw Niomi Smart use it in one of her video. This is just exactly what I expected it to be. It does cover up any imperfections or pimples you might have, it does a pretty good job on dark circle as well, but it stays natural looking, which in my opinion is a MUST! It is not too expensive and yeah, it’s all I’ve been using ever since I bought it so I definitely recommend it!

4. Hema Stationary

If there is one thing you should know about me (not that it’s relevant but hey!) is that I’m a notebook addict… Seriously though, I CANNOT not buy a notebook when I see one. So going back to college is the perfect excuse to buy some more! And the one shop I always go to whenever I need new notebooks is HEMA. I always find what I’m looking for, they are not expensive at all (which is such a plus when you buy a lot like me) and they change their collections quite often so you can come back and find new ones you don’t already have… I highly recommend you go check it out if you have an HEMA near your house, they also have lots of other lovely stuffs.

5. Badlands - Halsey

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If there is one thing that I really did love this month, it’s been Halsey’s Badlands. I have been listening to it non-stop since it came out and I now know all the words to every song. I don’t really know how to describe it, because to me, Halsey did something that had never been done with this album. I can’t even pick a favorite song because they all add something to the whole piece yet they are masterpieces on their own. The only thing I can do now is hope that she is planning on coming to France soon because I am SO ready to pour my heart out in singing the lyrics at a concert!

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