Right after the storm...

By Unknown - November 22, 2015

 You may already know this by now, but having a brother that lives in the south of France, I get to explore the Mediterranean coast quite often. He lives right next to a city called Marseille, which is the second biggest city in France after Paris, and which has a lot more to offer than what media tells you about. 

It is very often portrayed as a “dangerous” city, the “French capital of crimes”, bla, bla, bla… Truth is, it just is a wonderful city, full of diversity, and full of little treasures.

There is one place I always seem to go back to, even though it’s never really planned, and it’s the Mucem museum… I’ve always been really fascinated by architecture and this building will never cease to amaze me. 

It’s only been built a couple years ago, and the way they made it fit into the landscape is just absolutely unique. I always take millions of pictures of it, and my family usually gets annoyed because they have to wait for me every two minutes, but I honestly can’t express how much I love this place enough.

I also went to a little village right by the sea, called Cassis. It was a sunny day and it was like 25°C outside which was quite mind blowing considering the fact that it was already November, and that you’re supposed to be preparing for Christmas by that time. 

I’ve lived in Paris my whole life, and I love it there and probably wouldn’t be able to live anywhere else, but a retreat by the sea every now and then is still highly appreciated. We ate at a little restaurant and then sat by the beach… 

We stayed there for hours… We were all a bit shaken up by what had just happened in Paris, and just looking out at the sea, hearing the waves gently crash down on the sand was the most calming thing ever, and I really think we needed this…

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