"The leaves that are green, turn to brown"

By Unknown - November 19, 2015

 I know I am a bit late and that everyone is already going full on Christmas mode, which I LOVE, but my friend and I decided to take a walk through a very nice forest a few weeks ago, and shot some pictures in the way!

There’s nothing I love more than autumn colors, I find the yellows, reds and browns so warm and comforting and reassuring, for some reasons… I also am a BIG fan of the autumn smell; you know that kind of dead-leaf scent that hits you every now and then, sometimes even in the middle of the streets? Yeah, I love that just as much as stepping on crunchy brown leaves. 

Mushrooms were everywhere, and even though they clearly weren’t edible, we still thought they were the pretties little things and kind of spent the afternoon trying to get the perfect shot! I hope you enjoy discovering them.

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