"What I eat in a day"

By Unknown - November 05, 2015

If there’s one thing I can watch and read for hours, it definitely is those ‘What I eat in a day’ videos/blog posts… I’m a sucker for cooking videos and learning how to make new stuffs and nothing comforts me like setting myself to work on a recipe I’ve never tried before. 

Someone suggested that I should do one of these ‘What I eat in a day’ posts, and I immediately had millions of idea as to what I wanted to cook and put up in this blog post… After taking all the pictures, I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything sweet at all during that day, which is weird because I usually have the biggest sweet tooth to satisfy but oh well! 

So here is what I ate in a single day, this might seem like a lot to some of you, this might seem like nothing to some others… Some days I eat more, some days I eat less, that’s just one day in my life. You should also know that I don’t eat meat, so there isn’t any here… 

For breakfast, as I didn’t have classes in the morning, I actually had enough time to make my favouuuurite things to eat for breakfast: I always start the day with a huge glass of water, then when I have the time, I’ll have a poach egg, then some oat with agave syrup and cinnamon, a glass of homemade orange juice and finally, a green tea. 

For lunch I decided to make French fries, because they are just so good, and again, I had enough time to make them. And I also made myself some rye bread toasts with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and a bit of lettuce.

And for dinner, I made the most delicious butternut squash soup ever that made me feel like autumn all over and that was the highlight of my day, really! That was very good and warm!

If you want any of the recipes, please ask me, I’ll be more than happy to share them with you!

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