Taking a deep breath by the sea...

By Unknown - January 08, 2016

 The end of 2015 has been pretty complicated for me and my family, and as much as we would have loved to clear our heads for a few days and celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve, some very sad news came to us on both days and we weren’t really in the mood to party at all. We just had diner together and gave each other the presents we had bought before everything became too heavy for us to even think about going shopping.

 That being said, we all took a deep cleansing breath on January 1st, and we all strongly believe that 2016 is going to be a great and renewing year. (if that even makes sense). 

We really needed to escape everything, and just be together for a while, in a calm atmosphere. So we took off to Marseilles first, in the south of France, then decided to book an hotel room near Monaco, in the cutest little village I had ever seen: Eze.

We visited the Museum of Oceanography in Monaco and I honestly would have spent the WHOLE day there if my brother hadn’t had been close to dying from hunger by noon.

I find that the sea has a very relaxing effect on me and it felt good to just be there and not think about anything for a few days! I hope you all had amazing holidays and that you spent sometimes with the people you love and who love you! 

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