Winter wonderland

By Unknown - February 28, 2016

I have always been fascinated by snow. I could spend hours contemplating an immaculately white landscape... I have never mind the cold either, and I never feel more alive than when I physically feel my cheeks redden from the bite of the cold wind and snowflakes hitting my face.

I live in Paris and we haven't had much snow this past few years, and people say it's only going to get worse. That makes me immensely sad and melancholic; but I am lucky enough to be ensured to see snow at least one week a year, as my family's tradition is to go skying during the February break.

I wouldn't miss this special week for the world. We usually go with another family, which kind of became my own as well over the years. This year we managed to find the cutest little chalet in the French alpes, facing the infamous Mont Blanc.

I could have taken more pictures, but for some weird reason, I felt the need to disconnect from everything, and didn't really feel like having any electronic device between my hands. I read a lot, ate well, cooked a bit, and of course skied a lot.

There's really nothing like this sight....

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