My 10 favorite lifestyle blogs

By Unknown - June 29, 2016

1. Sjana Earp

 She is the ultimate reference when it comes to traveling and leading a healthy life! There is something absolutely solar and luminous about her and her content that will make you see life on the good side! She’s always positive, always smiling, and only talks about what things she’s passionate about, and makes you love them as well!

2. Zoella 

Everyone’s heard of Zoella, the 10 million+ subscribers youtuber! I’ve always found her very inspiring in her videos, and her blog is about as good as her youtube account! You’ll find everything from baking recipe, to beauty tips and products she likes!


3. BarefootBlonde

Young mother of two adorable children, living in New York City, body, hair, face to die for… And yet she writes some of the most relatable post you’ll find out there! She’s so down to earth and isn’t afraid to admit that things aren’t perfect 100% of the time, and that’s really refreshing!

4. Niomi Smart

The health reference, if you ask me! Aahh, is it weird if I say that reading her blog makes me feel like I’m becoming a better person by the seconds? I just think she’s one of the most inspiring young woman of our generation, she’s smart and educated on the subject she talks about and I find myself learning a lot of new things thanks to her! 

5. Life Hack 

 This website is a gold mine! There isn’t a thing you could possibly be searching for that isn’t on there! And even better than that, if you subscribe to it and let it just pop up on your feed, you’ll find that they even publish things you didn’t know you needed to know until you read their article! I’m quite simply addicted to it!

6. Poppy Deyes

 I might completely wrong about this (hope not) but I think that she’s the most me/you/us all blogger out there! It’s just that her content is so realistic, like whether it’s food, beauty, fashion, holiday… she’s talking about, there isn’t a single moment when you’re going to think ‘yeah right, that’s not just for everyone’… She doesn’t use the kind of ingredient that you have to shop on amazon to find, she doesn’t only use high hands beauty product etc… I love her so much for that!

7. InTheFrow

 I’ve grown to love this blog so much! I think that Victoria is one of the most hard working person ever! Each article she posts is so great in term of quality! The pictures are always perfect, and the texts that go with them are some of the best advices I’ve ever read! She’s so big on empowering women and encouraging everyone to be the best they can be.

8. Carodaur

 I just love how she combines a bit of everything on her blog! Obviously there’s a bit of fashion, but to it she adds a bit of travel experiences, fitness tips and motivation, food recommendations… You can tell that she has big dreams and she just goes for it, jumps from experience to experience and makes you wanna do the same.

  9. Harper And Harley

Don’t be fooled by the clean/expensive/chic look of this blog, she actually gives some of the most useful advice out there! She’ll help you deal with a piece of clothing you think you cannot wear anymore because you think it’s too “last season”; she’ll help you designing a small apartment, there is no problem she cannot help you solve! And her GORGEOUS pictures are just a bonus on top of it all!

10. Oracle Fox

 I’m totally addicted to her ‘Sunday Sanctuary’ section, and I find myself checking her blog every five minutes on Sunday to see if she’s posted it! There’s no better source of inspiration when it comes to interiors! It’s also a very original blog, with her themed pictures, some that you haven’t seen yet on anyone’s blog before… Yep, just love her blog!

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  1. I love many of these blogs - they inspire me a lot!
    Jennifer x
    Ginverella | Lifestyle Blog

    1. I can honestly spend hours reading them :)
      thanks a lot for commenting!
      Lucie xx

  2. Love this selection of blogs! I know some of them but I will definitely check out the other ones! :))

    xx Chris

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to hear about which ones you've loved! This list I've written this quite a while back and I'll probably be updating that list soon on the blog I think ! :) xx