Endless love (for lipsticks)

By Unknown - July 13, 2016

One thing I always get really ecited about during the summer (and winter) sales is lipsticks! I know I do love to get one or two pieces of clothing, but chances are I'll end up splurging on lispsticks a lot more than I do on clothes! 

My favorite place to go to for lipsticks during sales is my local Kiko Milano shop! There's nothing as amazing as walking into this shop, being overwhelmed by all the shades and then leaning in to discover that the one lipstick that caught your eyes is now actually half price! 

So I went for four this time (very proud of myself for not buying the whole shop!) from two different collections! 

The first one I decided to buy were these two heart-shaped one from the "Endless Love" and I got one in the shade Soft Marsala (05) and one in Passion Plum (O6)

Then I thought those two aren't really summary, their kind of berry-toned and I need to have more coral-y kind of lipsticks so I took a look around and stumbled upon those two from the "Colour Click" collection, and I picked up the shades Brilliant Pink (01) and Fantastic Coral (02)

I also absolutely love the packaging of the Endless Love collection !


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