Throw back to one of the best trips of my life

By Unknown - August 24, 2016

I actually wrote this post over a year ago I think... I don't really know why I've never posted it, I just kept it there, on my drafts all this time, waiting for when it would finally feel right! And I guess the time has come!

So those pictures go back to Christmas 2013 (ALREADY??) when I went with my family to Brighton, and road-tripped through the cornwall, and it was actually the first picture I ever took with my reflex canon camera!

England is without a doubt my favorite country in the world, and I tried to explain it a lot of time before I finally understood what made it so special to me : I just happen to find myself there.

I've been there so many times that it somehow feels like home, and there's something really comforting about it.

So we started off in Brighton and had a really fun time at the Brighton Pier, also known as The Palace Pier.
We also did a lot of shopping because you know, no one can resist the British sales, no one ! 

Now a bit later on we went to this very lovely place called Fingle Bridge, and I'm pretty sure this is one of the cutest place in England or in the world even !

(My brother took this one, and he was so so proud of it that I had to post it ... I have to admit I love it too !)

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