July Favorites

By Unknown - July 30, 2017

Hello, hello! I am back with another favorites for July, as there are a few things that I’ve been loving a lot lately! Here are the ten things that I’ve been just living off of for the past month or so.

My plants :

 I don’t really know what to say about this, I mean, aren’t they just so pretty? They just make me feel so so good, and I love taking care of them (and yes, I love talking to them while I water them, don’t judge me…) I just feel like it just adds something to my room, and I love having something to look after, without it being as much work as an actual pet…

Green clay :

The older I get, the more minimalistic I get with skincare and makeup in general, and one things that I do LOVE to do for my skin is a clay mask. So I searched for the most natural way to do that and found out that I could just by my own 100% natural green clay, mix it with water, and then I’m good to go for the mask. It is really easy, you don’t have to worry about what’s in there, because you’re doing it and it literally takes two ingredients: the clay and some water. Bonus point, it is super inexpensive and lasts AGES! It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and clean, and you just have to apply a good moisturizer afterward (in my case pure coconut oil, just to keep it natural and because it does wonders to my skin.)


Garmin running watch : 

I always thought I was the kind of person that didn’t need to know how much I had ran or how fast I was going, until I got this for my birthday, and I became completely addicted to all the information that it gives you about your runs. I love that it locate you, so that you can see what you’ve actually done on a map afterwards, I love that it’s so easy to understand, I love that it counts your heartbeats on your wrist, so that you don’t have to put a massive belt around your abdomen… Just love this one, I don’t run without it anymore! 

Deliciously Ella : 

I’m pretty sure I’ve already featured this one in a previous favorite, but it just is THAT good! Literally every recipe that I’ve tried has turned into a big success, even according to my non-vegan/non-vegetarian/non-healthy friends, which is a miracle. I just love that it’s so easy to make, the ingredients are easily replaceable by others if you don’t find them, and there’s something in there, no matter what mood you’re in.

Notebook from the Trinity College :

One of my friends went for a little road trip in Ireland in June, and she came back with this beauty of a notebook for me, and that was the nicest gesture ever, because I just LOVE notebooks for no particular reasons! I just think I’ve never had such a good looking one before. I don’t know yet what I’ll be writing in there, but it’ll definitely be something cool, I know it! Thanks Clara!!

Grey's Anatomy : 

This was probably the worst idea for my summer holiday, but I decided to start watching Grey’s Anatomy again, just to see if I still liked it…. Turns out I do, a little too much, actually. I’m just deep into it again and I actually have to stop myself from watching ten episodes a day, because if I just listened to myself, I wouldn’t even be writing this post right now!

Etoile, by Fragonard : 

I’ve been wanting to find a fresher smell for this summer, and when I went to the Fragonard shop the other day, I was lucky enough to find a girl who was just so helpful with that and who helped me pick out something that was really me. I’m just really sentimental and personal when it comes to perfume, I really feel like it does set a mood, and it is a part of someone’s personality and so I always take extra care when I choose a new one, and I’m just really really happy with this one.

My Challenge Tribe : 

So I’ve discovered this website while I was searching for a specific challenge, and I had no idea that something like this actually existed (yes, internet is STILL surprising me,) and I just love everything about it. I just find it extra motivating, and I like that you get points each day you do check the website, regardless of whether you’ve stick to the challenge or not. You get inspirational quote from the users, you can share your own, and you get badges as you go, as little rewards, it’s really fun and motivating, and we’re all in this together so it’s actually quite cool. Oh, and there are challenges for literally EVERYTHING! So whatever habit you’re trying to build, this website can help you!

My new glasses : 

Obviously, it’s in my favorite because it helps me see a lot better! But I also just really like them, I love that round shape, it’s not too serious and they’re just really cool to throw on whenever I don’t feel like putting my contacts on. And I like that it came with a simple little box, it’s really classic.

World Chef : 

Yet another addiction that I’m not really proud of, but I’ll be honest, I’ve been spending an awful lot of time on this little game lately. It’s nothing much, you just have to make food and serve them at a restaurant, and then you can expand the restaurant and you get new recipes etc. I don’t know, I just really like it, and I like that it’s evolutive, so if you’re looking for a little game for the summer, definitely check that out.


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  1. Lovely picks! I need to start watching Grey's Anatomy, everyone loves that show!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris


    1. If you can start it, I really do recommend it, it's completely addictive, and the characters are amazing, I can't even tell you which one is my favorite! xx

  2. Nothing to be ashamed of I have found myself playing World Chef a little too much !! Great post by the way I love theses favorites.

    Samara // themarshallwardrobe.blogspot.com

    1. Oh thank you! That makes me feel so much better! THanks a lot for this comment! xx

  3. I love, that you chosed so many picks from different categories.
    Nice ones. I too became more and more minimalistic with my make up and Skin care.
    Nice post.

    with love your Amely Rose

    1. That is such a lovely comment, thanks a lot! xx

  4. Thanks for sharing!<3

  5. Oh gosh! I do remember that app, it was definitly rather addictive. Funny to see it here, haven't thought of it in a while. :)
    I did however, purchase a second hand edition of Ellas cookbook recently, so that would be a current common favorite of ours.
    xx hope

    1. Ah ah I know, and I used to play a lot, then stopped and redecovered it not long ago and now I'm just addicted again :') Oh her books are really great! I'm glad to hear you love it as well! xx

  6. Tracking runs is so much fun! I don't have a watch do keep track of my heart beat but I use a little phone app that tracks times and speeds on my phone. GRAYS ANATOMY! I need another season asap.


    1. TOtally agree with you! It motivates me so much more than when I used to just go for a run and just see how long I'd ran! I agree with you, the heartbeat thing is not necessary but I just love seeing how I've done compared to the last run ;) I knoooow! So addictive! xx

  7. I've been loving my new glasses as well! I have a FitBit and being able to track my steps is so motivating and I feel so satisfied when I hit my goal. xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. I totally feel you on that! It just keeps me so motivated! Thanks a lot for this lovely comment! xx

  8. That fragrance Etoile makes me miss france! When I was in Paris I always saw that stop on the metro!
    Courtney || https://courtneylivin.com/

    1. Oh, that's right! It's where the Arc de Triomphe is, it's so pretty as well! Thanks a lot for commenting! xx