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By Unknown - December 15, 2018

Hello again! Hope you’re all doing good! I’m entering my very last week of exams which is quite bittersweet… I’m stressed out, tired and impatient for it to be over; but then I’m also sort of sad that school is coming to an end and confused as to what I’ll do with my life after that. I’m just trying to follow my path and enjoy the ride at the moment!

Anyway, although I haven’t felt too festive lately, probably due to my endless nights and weekends of doing nothing more than studying, I’m still very very excited about Christmas, which is now very fast approaching!

I was so happy when contacted me and asked me to check out their Christmas dresses. Although it’s just a nice evening home with my family, I definitely like to dress up a little bit on Christmas eve, and feel pretty overall (gotta look good on those family pictures, right?).
Ever-Pretty has the loveliest evening dresses and I had quite a hard time picking a selection of my favourites to show you guys. I ended up picking a selection of five and realized after that there was definitely a colour theme going on!

The first one I picked is this lovely velvet dress. I think what instantly caught my eyes (apart from the colour) are the sleeves. I think they make this dress so special, and I also like that the shoulders are bare, I think it looks really chic and sophisticated.

The second one is this sequins dress. Now if this isn’t just Christmas in a dress, then I don’t know what is. From the colour to the sequins and the shape of it, this is just the most festive you could look (and probably feel) for this season. I’m totally head over heels in love with this dress.

The third one is a more simple one, that I think you could also wear on other occasions (which is always a plus you know, use and re-use and save the planet). I definitely think the material looks very noble and I’m sure it’s a very comfortable dress to wear. You can wear it with black of silver heels and you’re just good to go basically.

The fourth is a more formal one. I’m guessing it would perfect if you have any social event coming up, Christmas celebration at your office or something like that. I absolutely love the long skirt, and of course the sequins top is just exactly what we want for this season.

The last one is one of their evening dresses with sleeves, because obviously (depending on where you live) it’s usually a little cold around Christmas time and you might want your shoulders to be covered a little bit. It’s also a long one which makes it a little warmer as well. I don’t know if it makes any sense but I really like how delicate it looks.

Which one of these is your favourite? What is your go-to colour for this season?

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  1. These dresses are beautiful! Love the burgundy color.

    1. Thanks a lot, I really really like this colour lately, everything I seem to pick is that colour, I don't even do it on purpose ! :')

  2. Oh the second dress is amazing!

    1. Yes, I think if I had to only pick one it'd be that one as well ;) Thanks a lot for commenting !

  3. Great picks dear! They're all lovely. Can't decide between 2 and 3!

    Jessica |

    1. Hey, thanks a lot! I really like both but I have to say that for a Christmas party I'd go with number 2, and for any other occasion I'd definitely go with number 3 ;)