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By Unknown - December 02, 2018

Hi again! It's finally December, the festivities can really begin! Needless to say, I'm as excited as I've ever been for Christmas and Christmas music will be on a loop for 25 days straight.

I'm usually one that doesn't give away too many gift ideas for myself, because I like surprises, but this year I thought I'd actually make a list of things I really want and share it with my family, to avoid getting something that I'm not really going to like and/or use, which would just be a waste of money, energy... And an ecologically non-friendly gesture.

I thought I'd share it with you, because it could also help you find ideas for your fellow friends/sisters/mothers... Which is always a good thing because who else is struggling to find something for everyone ?

1 . Velvet puffer jacket

I hadn't necessarly thought I would be asking for one of them for Christmas, but I recently walked into a shop with my mom, saw this jacket on a mannequin, and immediately fell in love with it! Unfortunately they didn't have my size anymore, so my mum is going to have to order it online, but that is what I'll be getting from her, and I can't wait to wrap myself in it from January to mid march I think ;)

2. Essential oil diffuseur

This is something that I've been wanting for a while but haven't bought yet, and as it is not too expensive, I think it would be a great idea for my brother to get me for example... My best friend has one (I actually think it is this exact one) and I just love the very subtle smell she can get from it, and how relaxing it is to just see it diffuse the oil in your room.

3. Light string for my room

I really want to get one of those light string to put upon my wooden bedhead. I think that would look especially good during the winter months and bring a little bit of extra warmth in the athmosphere!

4. Tarot Tapestry

I fell in love with this Tapestry about 6 months ago, when I watched one of Kalyn Nicholson video in which she showed us the sun version of this. I have a blank wall just above my bed and I think it would look so great there!

5 . Pendant light

There is definitely a decoration theme, but again, I fell in love with this pendant light the first time I saw it. I used to have quite small pendant lights, because I had a mezzanine bed, but now that I have a regular one, I'd really like to go for something that's a bit more of a statement. I like that there's a little wooden piece at the top, as much of my room is wooden furniture...

Do you have any idea what you'd want to receive for Christmas? And what will you be getting for your loved ones (I'd love to know, I could hopefully get some inspirations, I'm pretty stucked right now :/)

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  1. So many nice things on your list - I hope you get everything you want! I make up a wishlist of ideas for friends and family to too make it easier for them :)

    Hope that you've had a great weekend! The heatwave was really intense this weekend so we had some quiet time at home - we put our Christmas tree up which was nice :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Oh thank you, really nice of you! Yes, I definitely think that it's so much easier when people send you a list and you know exactly what they would like to receive or at least take inspiration from it... Well you must definitely be living on the other side of the globe, because it's definitely pretty cold here in France ! I'm so glad you had a nice weekend, we'll be putting up the Christmas tree very soon as well !

  2. Oh so many beautiful things one your wishlist :)

    x Lisa |

  3. Replies
    1. I literally can't wait to have it and wear it non stop !

  4. Such a fab wishlist! So many great products

    Ellie xx

  5. que bonito look y decoración que puedes hacer con lo mejor para poder decorar asi también nuestro hogar

    1. Is it weird that I'm so excited that your comment is in Spanish! I understand it, unfortunately my Spanish is not good enough for me to actually reply in that language, but I hope you understand this anyway. I can't wait to see what I can do with those decorations, my room's going to be so lovely with all of that! Have a great day

  6. Now that coat, I hope you get that because it is everythang!!

    1. I do know for sure that I'll be getting it, my mum's just told me so yesterday !!! I'm so so happy, it's so gorgeous and warm ! *o* Thank you for your comment!

  7. I love the puffer jacket! This is gonna be on my wishlist too!
    Happy Monday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

    1. Oooh! So nice of you, I really can't wait to get it! Thanks for stopping by !